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Summer School on Moduli Spaces in Algebraic Geometry and Physics

August 12-16, 2013

The aim of the summer school is to help PhD students and young postdocs to get insights into the study of moduli problems by providing an introduction to the many different standard techniques illustrated by specific examples and applications.
The summer school is an activity of the Research Training Group 1670 "Mathematics inspired by string theory and quantum field theory".

List of speakers

  • Paul Aspinwall
  • Igor Dolgachev
  • Ron Donagi
  • Gavril Farkas
  • Hubert Flenner
  • Samuel Grushevsky
  • Rahul Pandharipande


See the link on the left for the schedule.

Material for the lectures

Paul Aspinwall's lectures are based on material in this paper and this book.
You can download the notes for Igor Dolgachev's lectures here.
Here are the notes for Ron Donagi's lectures.
The material presented in Gavril Farkas' lectures is in two surveys: in this and this one.
Some of the material from Hubert Flenner's lectures can be found in a very preliminary manuscript by Ragnar-Olaf Buchweitz and himself. The pdf-file is here.
Follow this link to slides of one of Samuel Grushevsky's older talks on (super)strings.


The registration for the summer school is now closed. There will be a conference fee of 50€ to be paid upon arrival.


Note that the venue has changed! The summer school will take place in the Hörsaal II of the Department of Mathematics, Bundesstr. 55, of the University of Hamburg. Here is a map. The closest metro station is "Schlump" on the red line U2. The train station "Sternschanze" (train lines S11, S21 and S31) is also in walking distance. Here is the website for public transport in Hamburg.

Financial support and accommodation

Here is a list of reasonable hotels.
We will cover the accommodation costs for a limited number of participants who applied for funding. We will book the hotel for those applicants who will get the funding, and they will receive further information via email. Note that the application deadline for funding has passed.


C. Böhning
H.-C. Graf von Bothmer
B. Siebert
P. Sosna
J. Teschner


If you have any questions, please contact the organisers at moduli2013 (at)

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